Community Service Nominees

For generously volunteering time to programs and services that make our community a better place.

Award Presented by:

Jeremy Parking, Station Manager - SWO, RogersTV

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Nadine Green

Nadine (Udanapher) Green

Nadine is truly an extraordinary woman. Her selfless support of vulnerable people in our community is well known.For five years she sheltered and cared for people experiencing homelessness in her downtown Kitchener convenience store until she was evicted in January 2020. In April 2020 Nadine was invited to help establish and live in A Better Tent City. Nadine continues to go out at night with the help of her group Going Mobile KW to care for hundreds of people in our community who remain unsheltered.
Mary Beth Kennedy

Mary Beth Kennedy

Mary Beth is a big supporter of the Waterloo Region through her community service, sponsorships and with selling other local businesses’ products at her stores. She owns three small businesses. Two floral companies and a tanning business. Mary Beth has been a part of KW Oktoberfest for many years by sponsoring, volunteering and attending the events. She is a part-time professor at Conestoga College and also makes time to mentor youth in our community. She is a leader and inspiration to many.
Sherryl Petricevic

Sherryl Petricevic

Sherryl’s active community service in Waterloo Region for over 30 years is nothing short of impressive. You name it, Sherryl has done it - A block parent, neighbourhood watch captain, parent-teacher committee member, minor sports coach and administrator, breakfast/cooking program founder, meals on wheels driver, local government advocate, tech ecosystem builder, fierce fundraiser, and mentor to far more people than she knows about. Sherryl’s tenacious community-building spirit never rests. Sherryl’s extensive community work, leadership, and mentorship have made meaningful contributions within the region of Waterloo. Sherryl has a long history of supporting mentorship programs, advocating for sports development, and campaigning with high potential local leaders.

Selda Sezen

Dr. Selda Sezen is an academic, a researcher, spiritual-care provider and psychotherapist, the Muslim Chaplain, community organizer and activist, and Ebru/Water Marbling artist. Selda teaches in the field of psychotherapy and theology at Martin Luther University of College in Wilfrid Laurier University. She is dedicated professional to serve her campus and larger community through her individual and group works, teaching, and research. She is currently a vice president of Canadian Council of Muslim Women and a board member of Canadian Muslims Research and Resource Center.

Mary Henein Thorn

As a first generation Canadian, Mary is proof what is possible, as a visible minority who has demonstrated leadership through politics, she has inspired many to walk in her shoes and take more leadership roles in their communities. She is the first to make herself available to assist anyone who is interested to take a path she has traveled. She dedicates all of her time to making our community a better place to live. She is a dedicated friend, community member, leader and pioneer.
Sheena Merling

Sheena Merling

Sheena is the light in the darkness, the ear that will listen, the voice for those that cannot speak. She gives people hope when they have none left. Sheena created a group called Act of Kindness because she thought the world needed more kindness during the pandemic. Sheena is a leader who can guide others into making this world a better place by giving one act of kindness at a time. Sheena also runs a weekly youth group and has championed school safety through School Travel Planning teams. Her latest project has just been approved and thanks to her efforts, an Every Child Matters honorary crosswalk will be installed in Victoria Park in the coming months.
Kimberly Schaner

Kimberly Schaner

Kim is always looking for ways to make her community better for everyone. She has been involved in organizing food programs for Seniors and the food insecure, as well as shelter for the housed insecure during the winter months. She ran drives to collect hats, scarves, socks, coats and food cards to be handed out to those in need. She leads a committee that works with Refugees to help with resettlement into our community, which entails assisting with living arrangements, furniture, clothing, and personal essentials to ensure the families can settle into their new environment comfortably. The KW Oktoberfest Parade was a big part of her volunteer activities for many years. Her team organized getting school kids from grades 7 up to grade 12 to volunteer in the KW Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade as sign carriers and clowns.

Heather Smith

As the Financial Director of the Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s volunteer board, Heather plays an active role in overseeing the CMH gift shop, the Tim Horton's and recovery room to ensure all finances are taken care of, including grant applications and government compliance. She is also an active member of the fundraising committee and angel of caring committee. Heather has been volunteering with CMH for 15 years and is recognized by many for her selfless nature and ongoing commitment to her community.