For achievements by a group of women that impact and/or improve our community or our society.

Award Presented by:

Kyle Priestley, Creative Director, Tapestry Hall

Tapestry Hall

100+ Women Who Care Waterloo

100 Women Who Care are a group of women who are committed to raising money for the region's most needy. They are committed to this Chapter for no other reason than they love what they do for others in need. As a Chapter that is only in its 8th year in this Region, they have to date raised over $625,000.00 for local non profit organizations. They've helped with basics like food for the needy, money to expand to buy new and needed equipment, and to keep non profit organizations afloat during some difficult times. The money they provide has saved some of these needed organizations from folding.

Canadian Federation of University Women Kitchener Waterloo (CFUW K-W)

The Canadian Federation of University Women Kitchener-Waterloo (CFUW K-W), is celebrating its 100th Anniversary. The club’s purpose is to promote human rights, cultivate educational excellence and encourage higher education of women. Each year the club provides scholarships to outstanding students in local area secondary schools, universities, colleges, adult learning centres and the K-W Symphony Youth Orchestra through the CFUW K-W Charitable Fund which has grown to $1.67M. Among other activities, the club advocates in our community on issues such as Housing & Homelessness, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and conditions in Long-Term Care. It encourages involvement in public service, marks International Women’s Day with a clothing drive, and supports the commemoration of the National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Violence Against Women.
Community Support Connections

Community Support Connections' Exercise Team

Community Support Connections (CSC) is a non-profit organization that promotes the health of the whole person through our support services. Using a client-centred approach we offer personalized care to help people to live a healthy life in the comfort of their homes. The CSC Exercise Team is comprised of a group of 15 women who provide the Virtual Exercise Program. These ladies daily exude joy, enthusiasm, kindness, commitment, and know how. One can easily feel that each person is noticed, welcomed, accepted, valued and loved. They create intentional relationships and mutuality with all of us while providing gentle exercises that target all ages and ability levels.

KW Business Women's Association (KWBWA)

The KWBWA is a group of women professionals with expertise in a range of businesses creating opportunities to find like-minded individuals who are looking to grow their business and brand. They create collaborative partnerships, opportunities to form new relationships and for many great friendships. They represent various categories of business that create a diverse range of expertise in one room. It’s a supportive platform and resource for advice or referrals, whether seeking a financial expert, a tax specialist, or a healthcare professional. Multiple professional businesses in one’s network that can help propel one’s success.

Canadian Arab Women's Association

The Canadian Arab Women's Association was founded by Asma Alwahsh in the Region of Waterloo. The CAWA team is dedicated and passionate about providing critical support and services to all Arab women regardless of their immigration status, age, income level, or religious affiliation. Programs include “Mothers to Mothers”, “Strong Families Together”, “Work Pro”, and “English Conversation Circle and Computer Class”. CAWA is committed to strengthening families and our all-inclusive communities through service to new immigrants and others.
Club 84

Club 84

Founded by Heather Lackner over 40 years ago, YW Club 84 is a giving circle of almost 400 dedicated women. They are ambassadors for the YW Kitchener-Waterloo through outreach in the community by educating and sharing information about the work YW does to help women and children. YW Club 84 members have also answered the calls when shelter clients require items such as towels, hampers, toiletries or warm mitts and hats. They continue this vital work to support the YW and women and children in our community. They have collectively given over $2 million for the YW’s Operating budgets and the entire endowment fund.

Gauntlet Tattoo

Gauntlet Tattoo is located at 150 King Street and is a women-based tattoo parlor co-owned by Ines and Genevieve who are super determined and passionate about their craft. They opened during the lockdown and have created a safe space for the community to express their love of body art. After only one year of ownership, they are thriving in a male dominated industry.

Waterloo District Women's Institute

The Waterloo District Women’s Institute is celebrating 120 years as an organization. It is a Branch affiliated with the Federated Women’s Institute of Ontario that was established in 1897 and became a world-wide women's not-for-profit organization primarily for rural women. Today, the focus of Women's Institute is on high quality education, information, and support programs and services to encourage women to discover, stimulate, and develop leadership skills and to identify and support needs in their communities. It is instrumental in advocating for new laws/updating laws. Some are School bus flashing lights, blue-box recycling programs, pasteurization of milk, easy to read labels on food products, and many more.