Arts & Culture

Katie Billo

Lucy Bilson

Kristen Gottwald

Betty Anne Keller

Nichole Robertson

Marswa Yarmeto

For enriching the culture of our community through creation or promotion of the arts on a volunteer or professional basis. 

This award recognizes a woman who has contributed significantly to arts & culture in Waterloo Region, helping to create a vibrant and diverse community.  The category encompasses visual, music, dance, film, theatre, written word, culinary, parades, festivals, community events, design and much more. 

Previous nominees in this category have included journalists, vocal and instrumental musicians, arts educators, library advocates, stage performers, novelists, painters, producers, museum curators, and general arts advocates, among others. 

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Community Service

Nadine (Udanapher) Green

Mary Henein Thorn

Mary Beth Kennedy

Sheena Merling

Sherryl Petricevic

Kimberly Schaner

Selda Sezen

Heather Smith

For generously volunteering her time to programs and services that make our community a better place. 

This award honours a woman who makes volunteerism and community service a way of life, demonstrating compassion and dedication to their chosen cause(s).  Often working behind the scenes, their contributions help to connect citizens and solve community problems. 

Nominees in this category have been advocates and fundraisers for a variety of charities and organizations throughout Waterloo Region.  Everything from health research, social justice initiatives, refugee support, children’s programs, environmental campaigns, community service clubs and many more have benefitted from the support of these women. 

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Rachel Bartholomew

Jessica Burman

Janet Greener

Donna Litt

Ren Navarro

Ainsley Poirier

Jill Sadler

Sabrina Sgandurra

Sarah Tieleman

Pandora Wilhelm

Jessica Wylde

Catherine Young

For initiating and/or administering an enterprise or business. 

The Entrepreneur Award is presented to a woman who has started and/or successfully managed a new business venture, contributing to the innovation and growth of the local economy.  Determination to succeed, innovative ideas, vision, collaboration and leadership are all characteristics associated with the women who fit into this category. 

Past nominees in this category have included women who have begun businesses ranging from photography to lifestyle coaching, home staging to law firms, new technology start-ups to clothing boutiques, and everything in between.  

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Group Achievement

100+ Women Who Care Waterloo

Canadian Arab Women's Association

Canadian Federation of University Women Kitchener Waterloo (CFUW K-W)

Club 84

Community Support Connections' Exercise Team

Gauntlet Tattoo

KW Business Women's Association (KWBWA)

Waterloo District Women's Institute

For achievements by a group of women that impact and/or improve our community or our society. 

The Group Achievement Award is similar to the Community Service Award, but instead of an individual it honours a group of two or more women who have worked together on community service initiatives.  These women have combined their impressive talents and dedication to create organizations that benefit a variety of causes.   

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Health & Wellness

Jenna Gibbings

Melissa Melnychuk

Vickie Murray

Rebecca Pister

Rachel Radyk (WaabanoKwe)

Lee-Ann Reuber

Claudia Schubert

Anita Venugopal

For promoting and helping others achieve and promote mental, physical or spiritual wellbeing in her career or community involvement. 

This award recognizes women who have demonstrated continuous dedication to improvements in areas related to fitness, nutrition, general health, spiritual wellness, and mental health and wellbeing.  Their contributions to the field include everything from creating health & wellness based businesses, being advocates for mental health awareness, researching new medical technologies and treatments, and supporting the elderly, among others. 


Nominees in the Health & Wellness category have included women who are leaders at long term care facilities, personal trainers, life coaches, child and family therapists, clinical nutritionists, volunteers with health/medical-based organizations (eg. Canadian Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Society, hospital boards, etc.), chaplains and pastors, nurses and doctors, and many more.

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Lifetime Achievement

Janet Greener
Betty Anne Keller
Mary Beth Kennedy
Susan MacQueen
Vickie Murray
Adele Newton
Sherryl Petricevic
Ainsley Poirier
Nichole Robertson
Claudia Schubert
Selda Sezen
Mary Henein Thorn
Tracy Valko

For over 25 years, has been a role model, mentor and/or advocate for positive social change or has excelled in her profession. 

This award encompasses a broad range of nominees.  Women who qualify for this category could be an outstanding professional, academic, community activist or artist – any woman who has made an exceptional contribution to the development and future of Waterloo Region over the course of 25+ years. 

Previous nominees have included long-standing community volunteers, successful businesswomen, career performers and health care professionals, among others. 

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Elizabeth Allan

Carla Beharry

Amy Cyr

Megan Eckhardt

Cecelia Johnston

Susan MacQueen

Shelby Plaskett

Alannah Robinson

Amanda Strathearn

Ashley Webber

Tracy Valko

For dedicating herself to the pursuit of excellence in her chosen career.

The Professional Award is presented to a woman whose achievement in her vocational field has brought distinction to herself, her employer and the community.  This award reflects a high level of commitment to professional growth and personal pride in the nominee’s employment.  

Nominees in this category have come from a broad range of career backgrounds including special events, health care, education, business services, communications, not-for-profit organizations, manufacturing and technology industries, and emergency services, and many others.   

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Suzanne Kearns

Laura Lawlor

Adele Newton

Angela Pause

Emily Pyke

Margaret Tavares

Montana Wilson

For outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological community. 

The STEM award identifies and applauds a woman who has excelled in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. 

This woman could be an entrepreneur/innovator in the technology industry, an educator at one of Waterloo Region’s post-secondary institutions, a researcher at one of the area hospitals, a contributor to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics – the Region is overflowing with intelligent, inventive and inspirational women in this field.   

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Young Adult (14-23)

Sky Elliott

Afra Fatima

Shayla Herold

Camille Huo

Ingrid Kaffka

Genevieve Merz

McKenna Murray

Sarah Odinotski

Llewellyn Robinson

Emma Schuster

Bohdana Tyshchenko

Kenzy Soror

For leading by example and being a role model to her peers. 

This award recognizes a young woman between the ages of 14 and 23, who is actively involved in the community in a constructive and positive way – whether through volunteering, fundraising, extra-curricular school activities, or social activism.  Nominees in this category must be registered for continuing full-time studies at the time of the award presentation. 

Past nominees in the Young Adult category have been young women who have excelled in their extra-curricular pursuits such as drama, music or sports, young women who have founded clubs to support children with learning disabilities, advocates for individuals with special needs, young women involved in post-secondary student councils, and organizers of fundraising events or awareness campaigns. 

The winner of the Young Adult Award is presented with the Jennifer Campbell Youth Scholarship.

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