Nomination Process

Nominations are not yet open for the 2022 Rogers Women of the Year Awards. Check back soon for more updates!

Read Guidelines

Read the Nomination Guidelines

Check Nomination

Check that the nominee has not been a recipient in the past 10 years

Collect Letters

Collect Letters of Support (See tips below)

Submit Application

Complete the Nomination Form

NOTE: The online form will allow you to save a partially completed submission for you to return and complete at a later date. Once you have clicked “Save Progress” it will generate a unique URL for your form. Please be sure to bookmark this URL to return to it at a later date. Alternatively, a dialogue box will appear in the bottom right corner, click that box and enter your email to have the URL emailed to your inbox for easy reference.

Tips For Getting Started 

  • Contact the nominee and confirm she is willing to have her nomination submitted.
  • Ask the nominee for several individuals who would be willing to provide letters of support. An easy way for you to connect with these individuals would be for the nominee to make introductions via email to validate your intentions.
  • Recommend to the individuals providing letters of support that they review the online nomination form and areas which need to be highlighted for the nominee's submission so that their letters can be tailored to the information which is requested in the online nomination form.
  • Once letter(s) of support have been received – complete the online form and attach the letters. If you are unable to attach them at time of submission, please email us for alternative submission methods.