Special Entertainment

Eastwood Collegiate Songwriting Club

  1. Natalie Aryanto
  2. Noella Mallany
  3. Beth Christopher 
  4. Marlowe Vuckovic-Kirley
  5. Isabelle Zeilstra
  6. Emily Challenger
  7. Tim Lazarski
  8. Neven Brzak
  9. Soren Ewert


  1. Matt Drysdale
  2. Kieran Bates

Eastwood Music Website


Wine Wall

New for 2024, our exclusive Wine Wall!🍷✨ For just $30, you can grab a surprise bottle of wine that you won't find at the LCBO! Every bottle is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Cheers to unforgettable moments and unique wines!🥂💫

Avoid disappointment, purchase your wine wall cork upon arrival and claim your surprise bottle at the end of the event.

Wine Wall

360 Photobooth

Visit the 360 Photobooth, proudly presented by the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce, and add to your memories of the Women of the Year event!

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