2024 Keynote Speakers

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Martha Breithaupt

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Martha is an R&D credit, grant and non-dilutive funding expert with over two decades of experience as a thought leader, speaker, board member, and tax practitioner. As a former Partner, elected member of the Partnership Board, Chair of Governance and National R&D Tax Credit leader at Grant Thornton Canada, Martha regularly advises executive teams and boards on effective innovation governance, non-dilutive funding, R&D team innovation and operational management.

Martha was awarded the University of Waterloo’s Young Alumni Award for her contributions to the field of science and business and holds her ICD.D designation to support her governance work. Martha is currently Vice Chair and Treasurer at the International Women's Forum Waterloo chapter and Director at State of Science, a company on an educational mission to share the link between the science we learn and application to industry today.


Sharing stories of opportunity, dedication, support, and the pursuit of equality, Martha blends the histories and present day experiences of community building Women of Waterloo Region with fascinating and memorable common scientific principles.

Topics: Mentorship, Education, Service, Science Principles, Women Supporting Women, Impactful Women of Waterloo Region

Martha explores the stories of women who helped build our collective past and shares her own personal stories of science and impactful female mentors over her career. She elevates and celebrates notable women while weaving in her own journey of curious discovery in building her new venture, the State of Science.

Tricia Mumby

Tricia Mumby is a co-founder of Mabel's Labels, a Canadian manufacturing & ecommerce success story. She and 3 friends boot-strapped the company from $0 to eight figures in 12 years. They sold the company to the world's largest label company and built a huge community of moms in the process. Tricia now works as a mentor for start-ups across Canada. Tricia believes in the power of fans, PR, social media and giving a brand a sizzling personality. The journey of Mabel's Labels involved bringing something novel to the marketplace, convincing people the product is something they needed, creating repeat buyers, developing content and promotions to sustain momentum, and gaining the attention of brands, influencers, and the media. Mabel's Labels was able to gain shelf-space at Walmart, Target and Costco and media placements in People, CNN, Today Show, Good Morning America, Rachel Ray and many more dream outlets. Mabel's Labels have been celebrity endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, and Victoria Beckham, to name a few.


0887 Colour

Life-changing opportunities are infrequent and precious, rarely presenting themselves on a silver platter. It's time to take the initiative. Knock on those doors yourself. What holds us back? Often, it's fear—of rejection, embarrassment, and my old pal, self-doubt. It's time to embrace a philosophy of shamelessness, where we accept that the only person scrutinizing your performance is you! Women are often held to a higher standard. To overcome that pressure, we must dismiss the internal critics that hold us back and pursue our goals without shame.

2024 Women of the Year event videography to be captured by Ravi Rai courtesy of Martha Breithaupt & Tricia Mumby.