Under 40

For women under the age of 40, dedicating themselves to the pursuit of excellence in their chosen career.

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Joanna Ma, Partner, Bereskin & Parr

Bereskin & Parr


Nasreen's journey is one of unwavering dedication, profound impact, and relentless pursuit of positive change. With over a decade of experience in journalism spanning continents and cultures, Nasreen has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to amplifying voices, advocating for social justice, and fostering inclusivity. Nasreen is a trained mediator, holds a masters in political science, and peace and conflict studies. She has sat on the Board of Directors for the Coalition of Muslim Women since 2021.
Anjie P

Anjie Persaud

Anjie Persaud is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in academia and industry. Currently serving as a full-time Account Manager in Co-operative Education at the University of Waterloo, Anjie plays a pivotal role in guiding and inspiring students towards successful career paths. Her dedication to bridging classroom knowledge with industry insights has made her a valuable asset in shaping the next generation of talent. Anjie's commitment to her professional journey exemplifies dedication, vision, and a commitment to nurturing talent.
Ashley Schuitema - Headshot

Ashley Schuitema

Ashley has committed her career to the unwavering intention of providing support and services to the vulnerable in our community. She was co-counsel on the precedent setting encampment case in Waterloo Region, which resulted in critical impacts for community members experiencing homelessness. Ashley is also the coordinator of the Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Project which provides free public legal information and advice for persons who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Ashley is a remarkable lawyer that believes it is her responsibility to use her profession and skill set to broadly advocate for systemic change in the community for women, victims of sexual harassment and people experiencing poverty.
Suzana Vukovic

Suzana Vuković

Suzana is an Electrical Engineer at Nuvation Energy and the only female Engineer in her department. She designs energy storage systems from the ground-up and is currently responsible for leading the implementation of a solar project at the Waterloo office. Prior to this role, Suzana worked in the medical device industry - she founded a company in University and pitched her business idea at the Fierce Founders at Communitech in 2018 and placed 3rd overall. During University, Suzana's favorite volunteer position was one where she advised newcomer entrepreneurs via an RBC startup company hub based out of Ottawa,ON. Currently, her passions extend beyond medical devices & engineering and empowering others in the community brings her a lot of joy. Outside of her working hours, she runs a women's only brazilian jiu jitsu / self-defense program in Kitchener.